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33 Minutes to Zen

Relax the Mind & Transform 
Integration And Transformation Services
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33 Minutes To Zen
Relax into Personal
Integration & Transformation    

10 Sessions = to 5 years of meditation 

Sit back, Relax, Listen to soothing Music while watching Moving Geometry as Transformation takes place, It's That Easy.

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Akashic Record Readings

Readings tapping into the Akashic records taught by St. Germain Mystery School. Digging deep into timelines and best outcomes for you spiritual journey 

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Power Animal Retrieval

A Power Animal is a helping spirit who shows up in a specific animal form so our hearts can understand the power they are loaning us. This specific being has lived on this Earth, has died, has gone to the Light, and then has volunteered to be of assistance 24/7. In essence, your Power Animal is as unique as YOU are!

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Intuitive Guidance Readings

Psychic readings offered by Stephanie 

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Creating Healing Tools From Nature

Walking the land of Sedona, Finding feathers and gifts from nature to create unique tools that includes oils, leather and using in ceremony

Full day trip, 6-8 hours 

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Weight Loss Guidance

Overcoming eating disorders, Balancing brain chemistry, Emotional eating recovery, Weight loss, Keto Diet

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Astrology Chart Reading

The Very Basics To Get You Started In Understanding Your Astrology Chart

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Personal Assistant

Organizing, Ordering, Shopping, Errands, Packing, Shipping, Detailing, Fine Tuning, Feng Shui rearrange décor to a natural flow, Enhancing the Energy in your Home with Plants, Stones and Crystals

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Tel: 936-209-3860 

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