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Healthy Food

Weight Loss Guidance

Initial Phone Consultations Includes ~

~ Keto diet habits

Recommended foods to balance brain chemistry 

How to overcome emotionally eating habits and eating disorders

What foods and brands to purchase, sustainably sourced and highest fat and protein content

Sharing all of my learned experience on how to healthily transform your body, trim down, and feel a profound shift in your life.

1 Hour -$100

Intensive Guidance For Transformation ~

Frist Month Schedule

~ 3 Hours of  In Person Guidance Each Week

How and where to shop for all of your products 

Cleaning out your pantry for supporting environment

Further support from personal experience to overcome challenges

Core strength by walking and hiking

~ Each Additional Hour For In Person Guidance is $100

~ 12 Neuro Feedback Sessions

Package includes 3 sessions a week for supporting emotions and transformation

Second Month Schedule

~ 12 Neuro Feedback Sessions

3 Sessions each week to further support your transformation and healthy habits as you integrate your new lifestyle

~ Additional In Person Guidance Is Available $100 Per Hour

2 Month Transformation - $3840

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